Easy & Practical Tips for Moving to a New Office


Moving to a new office is an exciting moment for everyone. A new room, a new atmosphere, a new environment, a new place, and even a new social life. However, when preparing for packing and moving items, it is essential to pay attention to the following things to make it easier for you to tidy up the items back at the old office.

Prepare All Packing Needs

Packing goods is not as easy as imagined. Don’t start packing before the equipment is ready. Duct tape, labels, cardboard, tape, markers, and bubble wrap are some simple equipment you must have before you start packing.

If you find it challenging to pack goods in the office, using professional services is the solution for you. One company that has experience in office moving as well as managed asset recovery services is Tecdis.

Record Everything in a Spreadsheet

Even though all items have been packed neatly, basically, you and the team will not be able to remember all the items, right? Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a record of everything in a spreadsheet. It will significantly help you to calculate and recheck all details.

You should record these items before packing starts and list them based on the needs, place, or functions to make it easier to check again. Start data recording from printing needs, documents, office supplies to the desks and chairs.

Label All the Boxes

For every occasion, whether house moving or office, the most accessible and most useful thing to do is to put everything in the labeled box. Make sure you have arranged all the needs and put them in a box properly. For example, stack them based on function, place, or even ownership.

After that, don’t forget to provide a label that represents the contents in the box. It’s also a good idea to print all the items listed in each box to make it easier to check when unpacking.