How To Treat Shoulder Muscle Injury


Sometimes shoulder pain comes from conditions such as arthritis or diseases that affect other joints. One of the conditions causing pain in the shoulder is muscle injury.

You can treat a shoulder muscle injury at home by resting and compressing it with ice for several days. However, under certain conditions, physiotherapy treatment is needed. Here are the signs of severe shoulder muscle injury:

  • The shoulder joints look crooked or misaligned
  • Cannot move the shoulder normally
  • The shoulder feels too stiff and painful to move
  • The shoulder suddenly swells
  • The arm or hand feels weak or numb.

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Shoulder Dislocation

A shoulder dislocation occurs when the bones of the upper arm detach the shoulder joint.

Joints in the shoulder are called bullet joints. They can move in all directions, and they are prone to dislodged joints because the position of the ball joints of the upper arm is in a very shallow socket.

Beyond the ease of moving freely in various directions, the bullet joint easily detaches due to its unstable nature. Even in some cases, the tissue around the shoulder joint can stretch or tear.

The following factors can cause shoulder dislocation:

  • Fall and hit your shoulders, especially on hard surfaces;
  • Hit on the shoulder;
  • Using hands to resist falling;
  • Traffic accident;
  • Sports injuries.

How to Treat Shoulder Muscle Injury

To treat shoulder muscle injuries, especially shoulder dislocation problems, generally require medical assistance.

  • Rest and consume medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Get a physiotherapy treatment by a physical therapist or physiotherapist for recovery.

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