Right Shoes for Riding


Safety Gear is not only a matter of helmets, gloves, and jackets but also shoes. In addition to the hands, feet are also one part of the limbs that often experience injuries during an accident.

Therefore, choosing shoes for Riding should also not be arbitrary. You must choose the best riding shoes to minimize injury when riding a motorcycle. If you want to buy the best riding shoes, you need to visit Wheels Clothing. They provide mens motorbike boots for Riding, such as racing shoes, shoes for the tour, and many more.

See these tips before choosing the right shoes for Riding:

• Determine the riding shoes you want. There are many shoe types, such as racing shoes, touring shoes, and many more. Standard riding shoes are usually cover up to the ankle. This shoe also provides protection from exhaust heat.

• Choose riding shoes that have good ankle protection. Good ankle protection can give you confidence when riding a motorcycle.

• If possible, choose riding shoes that have shifter pads. Usually, this type of shoe is more comfortable and durable.

• Make sure the soles and “heel” are made of the best quality material. A good heel will give you stability and grip in all weather.

• Riding shoes are ideally made of leather. In fact, some riding shoes have ventilation areas made of Gortex material. This ventilation is important so that your feet stay comfortable, especially when driving in summer.

• Make sure the area that is prone to injury has a layered to protect your feet

• Choose waterproof riding shoes. Waterproof riding shoes will keep your feet dry when riding a motorcycle in the rainy season.

Well, those are some points to consider before buying a pair of riding shoes. For you who like to travel far, this riding shoe is one of the must-have Safety Gear.