These are the Worst Cities for Commuting to Work


When commuting to work, some cities experience more traffic than others, which can be frustrating and lead to an increased risk of accidents. Based on the amount of traffic they experience during rush hour and other times, the following are the worst cities for commuting to work.

1. Boston

When driving for work in Boston, Massachusetts, employees are likely to have the most difficult time commuting in this city. Drivers lose 149 hours every year in Boston and spend as much as $2,205 annually on driving to work.

2. Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is the second-worst city for commuters. Employees driving to and from work lose 145 hours and spend $2,146 every year. Drivers should also try to avoid being on the road on Thursday and Friday evenings if possible, as these are the worst times for traffic, particularly in the congested downtown area.

3. Philadelphia

With a higher population, more drivers, and more construction work taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this city is often a commuter’s nightmare. Drivers lose an annual total of 142 hours and $2,102 driving in this city, and the worst time to be on the road is 6 AM.

4. New York City

As one of the most congested cities, New York City is the fourth-worst for commuters. New Yorkers lose 140 hours and $2,072 annually from commuting alone, and the worst times to drive in Manhattan are between 8 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 7 PM.

5. Washington, D.C.

D.C.’s road system is notoriously difficult to navigate and highly congested during rush hour. Commuters lose 124 hours and $1,835 each year here. The worst times to be on the road include Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during rush hour.

In these and other cities, workers need to practice caution and patience when commuting. Drivers should also keep in mind that if they’re injured during a commute, compensation under workers’ comp law won’t apply considering commuting hours fall outside of work hours and the employee’s scope of employment.