Tips to Make Instagram Posting More Crowded, Lots of Likes and Comments


A busy Instagram post is a plus for the existence of your account. For those of you who run a business on Instagram, posts, comments, to likes will have a good impact on your business. Well, here, we will describe tips on how to make Instagram posts even more crowded.

The number of people who comment or giving like can increase Instagram engagement. That way, your account will be easy to find. This means that online business can increase As soon as possible.

How To Make Posts Crowded Commented and Liked

There are several ways to choose from. Well, here we will describe one by one the most frequently used methods.

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1. Hold a Giveaway

Powerful giveaway to get your posts busy. This method is one of the best and most powerful tricks. A giveaway is a gift for customers or followers. You can choose the prize as you wish, but make sure the gift you are going to give is much liked.

In doing so, you should not just give gifts. Make a rule so that followers want to like and comment on your posts.

2. Hold a Quiz

Quizzes and giveaways work the same way. Both aim to give a gift to the audience. But in a quiz, you have to give a challenge or a question.

So, later on, whoever comes out as the winner will get the prize that you have prepared.

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3. Make Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can not only be used for fun. You can also use it as a tool for promotion. Even though it’s not very powerful, you can use it to tell followers about the latest posts.

Instagram Stories will help your posts to be recognized by followers. That way, they will immediately see your latest posts and take actions such as likes and comments. To make your posting get more followers, you can try free Instagram followers tools to boost our followers up.

4. Engage Followers

Create posts that engage your followers. Apart from promoting, it is also quite effective in building community. This method is also great for making followers feel quite involved with you. That way, it is not impossible that they will become your loyal followers.

An example is responding to followers’ comments in a friendly manner. In addition, also use a caption that is an invitation to like the tag a friend, please comment if you agree and many others. In this way, posts have the potential to be crowded and commented on by followers.

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5. Collaborating with Influencers

If you have more budget, use influencer services. Please look for influencers or celebrities who already have a lot of followers. Also, make sure the selected influencers are relevant to your business. For example, choosing a hijab influencer if you are a Muslim clothing seller.

Create posts that engage them. For example, a celebrity who is being photographed with your product, or is reviewing your product. This method is powerful enough to make posts popular and commented on.

You can buy Instagram followers to promote products or businesses through their Instagram account. Another way is to do an Instagram takeover, where later, they will use your account. In addition to the posts being crowded, followers will also increase.

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags will help your posts to be easy to find. Please look for popular and business-related hashtags. Those who follow or use the same hashtag will easily see your posts.

Hashtags are one of the most powerful features for businesses. Instagram has also provided features to make it easier for us to find popular and relevant hashtags. By using it, your posts will be easy to find by other users who haven’t followed you yet.

7. Synchronize with Other Social Media

The more people know your posting, the better chances of being liked and commented on. One way is to synchronize between social media.

One of the social media that can connect to Instagram is Facebook. It means every single post, can be integrated on Facebook. This way, Facebook users you are friends with will see it.