What is SEO? Definition, How it Works, and Guidelines


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular fields today. However, what is SEO and what are its benefits?

Nowadays, SEO has become an inseparable part of a job related to the internet, especially websites. Because, SEO can encourage search optimization of the site.

What is SEO and its Benefits?

What is SEO?

Quoted from the book ‘The Holy Book of SEO’ by Su Rahman, SEO is a series of techniques used so that websites can be easily found by search engines (Google). Simply put, if someone searches with keywords or keywords, then the website with SEO techniques will appear on the first page.

SEO Benefits

SEO makes a website appear in the highest ranking of search results when keywords are entered into Google. The higher the ranking of a website or site due to SEO, the greater the number of clicks that are brought in for that website.

An example of SEO with the technique in question is, if someone enters the keyword ‘Masjid Sunda Kelapa’ in Google, the site that uses seo service hong kong techniques will be on page one of Google.

How SEO Works

SEO techniques must be done every time and every time. The reason, Google’s algorithm is always updated. So that if it is not updated, search engines will consider the website (content on the website) stale and even violate current provisions.

With content that is always updated and a good website ranking, people can always visit the site regularly. Because, they will consider the site important, interesting, and must be visited.

How to Make SEO?

How SEO works is a combination of a method and a tool. That way, the site or website can be on the first page of Google or have a ranking so that it is clicked or read by the public.

There are two ways to practice SEO techniques, namely On Page and Off Page. Meanwhile, On Page is a method that is carried out in terms of design, web page content (such as article content), and web themes.

Meanwhile, Off Page is a way to build many links to the desired website or site. How to do this can be by sending a link in the comments column or promoting it in an activity.

SEO rules

Actually to practice “white hat SEO” is not difficult. Each search engine usually has issued a guide.

For example, Google issued “Webmaster Guidelines”.

Basic principles of Google Webmaster Guidelines

  • Create user-friendly or reader-friendly content, not for machines.
  • Don’t deceive users with inappropriate content.
  • Avoid manipulative tricks that aim to increase rankings.
  • Focus on the benefits that users will get.
  • Think carefully about what aspects make your website unique, valuable, or make you feel at home.

Google Webmaster Guidelines prohibits you from:

  • Create automatic content using generators.
  • Engaged in a link manipulator plot.
  • Create content by plagiarizing other content (copy-paste).
  • Cloaking or creating different views for crawlers and users.
  • Hide text and links.
  • Creating doorway pages or pages that are intentionally made to increase rankings in certain searches and become the main funnel of all incoming traffic.