Why Is Local SEO So Important For SMB?


For clarification on the matter, some might ask what is SEO, what does it stand for, and why it’s important. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which specializes in attracting viewers to one’s website. By the use of such tactics like keywords, for example, SEO is a strategic marketing move to attract visitors for a website.

Individuals who are interested in how to succeed in the world of SEO and learn about the importance of it, a website named MOZ shares that very information succeeding with local SEO. On that very website, an article titled, “2020 Local SEO Success: How to Feed, Fight, and Flip Google,” the written story discusses how to take advantage of the use of SEO in regarding google. As Google serves as a massive platform for a search engine, using SEO from google can garner clicks from individuals who visit one’s website.

Furthermore, regarding SMB, which stands for Small-to-Medium sized Businesses, SEO is highly important to it, as many would say because small to medium businesses need some attraction to sustain themselves. Considering that website views help generate interest for these very businesses, some could argue that the SEO tactics should be put in place. Using keywords and promoting a name brand by using SEO can help elevate one’s business value. Name recognition is essential when thriving through business as SEO builds awareness for small businesses.

With that said, the MOZ article, which was written by Miriam Ellis, explains the process of using SEO tactics when promoting a website. It also explains that when using Google as a search engine, Google itself is dependent on other websites as well. Despite being such a large website, Google is reliant on other websites to use their platform.

“Google is the biggest house on the local block; you can’t ignore it,” Ellis stated via MOZ.

“Yet, the entries into the platform are poorly lit, the open-source concept is cluttered with spam, and growing litigation makes one wonder if there are bats in the belfry.”

“Remember, without your content and the content of others, Google does not exist. Local business owners can often feel uncomfortably dependent on Google, but it’s Google who is dependent on them.”

Many feel that it’s important to take advantage of Google when trying to use SEO to promote a website. Google arguably serves as the best option as a search engine to reach whatever website it may be. Which is why if someone decides to open up a website and want to generate a good amount of visitors, it’s recommended to use Google as much as possible.

More information on the matter can be found on countless internet sources. This is especially helpful for businesses that wish to get bigger in recognition. Learning about how to use SEO properly to grow one’s website is convenient as it’s available everywhere. It’s a marketing tactic that a vast number of people do, which has positively helped them.

Information can also be found through agencies, such as looking through the top SEO agencies in Jacksonville as an example.

Top SEO agencies in Jacksonville can also be easily found when searching through the web, showcasing the convenience of it.

With the recommendation from marketing experts, it’ll ensure that individuals who use SEO for their small-to-medium businesses will succeed if done right. It may seem complicated at first to some people, but in reality, it’s a very simple process that can be done by almost anybody.