In this article, we discuss how to be aware when someone is hacking your phone. Phone hacking is when someone is accessing your phone without permission by using unethical hacking methods, it might have access to all your phone apps, horribly it can be your data as well. Nowadays it has been a common thread to every single mobile user. Unfortunately, most people about the concept of hacking, what serious effects it can lead to. On the other hand, most of them recognize it immediately but are still confused to recognize or take any of the serious actions. To know about phone stores, visit US-reviews.

It might be looking difficult to detect but it should be done at a time before way too far. There are some signs or some unusual behavior of your device that can lead you to know some clues of hacking. Mobile phone brand reviews are  available to know people’s views regarding this highlighted issue.

  • Inappropriate pop-ups: If you notice ads on your mobile screen that indicate X-rated contents or flashing ads. It means it might be some spyware or malware.
  • Unrecognized apps: It might show some strange activities that you haven’t done before such as un-downloaded apps. This may be due to the malware. 
  • Unusual behavior: Whenever you see any unusual behavior such as messages you didn’t send, suspicious phone calls, purchases, and withdrawals you didn’t make. It means that someone is on your phone. Now the phone has been hacked.
  • Low percentage battery: If you notice your battery is dying more than usual even though you are not using it frequently. It might be malware that is in the background using and lowering the battery percentage.
  • Unusual data usage: The malware is secretly using your data even if you are not using any new app. Meanwhile, it has skyrocketed.
  • Abnormal behavior of device: You will frequently be noticing the restart, freezing, slow to crawl. It means that the hacker has an eye on your device.

There are also some solutions to all these problems. Due to which you can easily secure your device data. 

  • From the very beginning if you notice any of these suspicious activities then immediately try to change the password. This time choose a harder one. 
  • Always turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data immediately after using it.  
  • Do not download any underrated app or if you notice any kind of suspicious apps you might delete them quickly.
  • Don’t ever open any social media links without acknowledging them. 
  • Make sure you are not using any public Wi-Fi or any other unsecured internet. 
  • Try to reset your phone to factory settings.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth and location when you are not using it.
  • Run antivirus software on the phone that helps you to find out the virus or any kind of another hacking attack.
  • Always keep your phone with you and try to use locks or fingerprint locks on your phone.