Mobile Phones Operating Systems


A lot of people use the best phone in town having no idea of the operating systems of smartphones. There are more than a hundred smartphone operating systems and it is wise to have some information about some of them so that you can make a proper decision when buying a new smartphone. Here are some of the operating systems:


So far, Android remains one of the best phone operating systems in the world. It has a lot of hardware options and it is open source: users can decide which app does what on their phones. It is the most flexible mobile operating system but it is tied to Google and doesn’t provide top-notch reliability. If you are looking to buy Android phones, you will want to know if the company you want to patronize is legit. By reading reviews, you will get answers to questions like, Is Mobile Phones Direct legit as well as most other question in line with the reliability and reputation of the company. You can also get information on the best product type to buy too.


This is the next famous app to Android. It has a strong hardcore system and it works better than Android. It has the best camera features, video recordings, etc. They are highly creative with all they provide. However, it is not as customizable and flexible as Android. There are some software that you can install on your phone to improve its functionality. You can read office services reviews to get some ideas about applications that other offices are using so that you know the iOS apps that you can install that will contribute to your business.

Private OS

This operating system runs on BlackPhone. It is regarded as the best in the aspect of security control. It provides the users to choose whom they want to share info with and whom to not with extensive control over their personal information.

Sailfish OS

This is a Linux based operating system. Its security is great and it is flexible; you don’t need any button to operate it. it consumes power slowly, so your batteries are not drained after short use. However, the range of apps is small and you have to connect to the Android mobile operating system for better access to more apps.

Windows OS Microsoft

Windows OS has all the characteristics of the windows computer and it runs smoothly. It has a great graphic display but it doesn’t support all applications. As such, you may not enjoy it as much as you want to.

Blackberry OS

It remains one of the best OS for smartphones but it is incompatible to other phone models. As such, it is not that important today. The design and interference system is completely different but it remains a closed source like Apple. It is however immune and reliable.


This is a great operating system. For several years, it prevailed in India. The interface is friendly and it runs smoothly. Even though it was recently updated by Nokia, it is still lacking in many ways and has slim chances to survive in the market because of the popularity of Android and iOS.

Postmarket OS

This operating system works on both Linux and smartphone. It has fast service and user-friendly interface. However, it is still unstable because it is still under development. It does not have many applications but provides an l0-year lifecycle.

Eelo OS

This is a relatively new operating system that is based on Lineage operating system. It is an open-source mobile operating system with a good user interface. However, it doesn’t support all the application Android does and it is lacking in many aspects too.