Tips to Check Engine in a Used Car


One thing to do when buying a used car is to make sure the condition of the engine is good. Even though there are used Defender for sale, you should check the engine, start from checking the condition, listening to the sound, engine vibrations, and exhaust fumes produced. do not forget to check is there any oil leakage in the engine.

Which parts of the machine should be checked? Here are 4 things that you should check to determine whether the engine is still good or not:

Engine Oil Dose

To find out the volume of oil in the engine, you can see the amount of oil available. This can be done by pulling the engine oil availability check lever. If the oil volume remains on the line, the oil contained in the engine does not decrease due to friction that occurs inside the engine.

Wall and Bottom of Machine

Usually, for cars with the age of 5 years and over, leakage or oil seepage in the engine is possible to happen. If you are interested in buying a used car, you should check this section. Usually, leakage often occurs in the cylinder packing. There also an oil seepage at the bottom of the machine due to the crankcase gasket that needs to be changed.

Radiator Water Does Not Spray When Opened

good car engine needs a coolers. You can check the radiator water by opening the top lid of the radiator. Open the radiator cap when the car engine is started to see the performance.

If water does not spray when the radiator lid is opened, you can be sure that the radiator is in good and normal condition. If there is water that occurs, then there is a blockage in the radiator or water channel in the car engine. This can happen because there is a crust that clogs the part.

Check the Combustion from the Muffler

If the exhaust fumes do not emit black or white smoke (gasoline cars), then the car engine is normal. If you see water coming out of the exhaust tip, you don’t need to panic.

Water that comes out at the end of the combustion occurs because of the cold weather at night. This often happens because water vapor in the exhaust condenses at night and is pushed out when the engine is started.

Hopefully, these tips provide information for those of you who want to buy a used car.