What To Do When Your Child Is Locked In The Room


One of the scary events that can happen to a child is if he is accidentally locked in a room.

Around childhood age, the children’s curiosity increased, and made them the most curious people at home.

He begins to explore everything he sees and touches, especially the objects near him, for example, the key in a room. They might lock it accidentally but could not unlock it again. So, what to do when the child is locked in the room?

First, don’t panic and stay calm. Control your emotions and your high voice. When children hear you screaming while forcing open the door, the child will cry and make the atmosphere more restless. Try not to panic and slowly try to open the locked door.

Second, persuade children not to cry and be cooperative. Knowing his condition is in the ‘danger,’ your child might cry out of fear. Try to calm him. Say everything will be fine. Ask him to return the key to its original position. If there is a window in the room, ask your child to remove and bring the key, to give it to you through the window.

Third, if it is not possible to get the child out of the room and there is no window in his room, then you can ask for professional help such as key experts like Stronghhold Locksmiths.

Ask the child to stay away from the door and stand in the corner of the room. Have them cover their heads while the adults break the locked door.

Fourth, make a backup key. It is useful to open the locked door. Make sure you ask your kid to remove the key behind the door first. We suggest you never put any door lock in kid’s room, to prevent it from being locked again.